Our Organization

​OMCKRA is completely volunteer based and the great majority of its clinics, coaching and race organizer support programming costs are covered through membership.  OMCKRA is an affiliate of the sport governing body Canoe Kayak Ontario (CKO) and through it obtains the insurance policy covering OMCKRA sanctioned events as well as funding from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. "The Ministry encourages involvement in sport, recreation and physical activity for the health, social, and economic benefit of Ontarians and the communities in which they live”.

OMCKRA is strongly committed to the goals of the Ministry and especially to life-long health and fitness. As such, OMCKRA members range in age from youths to senior citizens who all have a shared interest in paddling to maintain and improve fitness.

OMCKRA is also a member of the Marathon Canoe Racing Council (MCRC), the body governing marathon canoe and kayak racing in Canada. Marathon, a non-Olympic sport, is one of three disciplines represented by Canoe Kayak Canada. Part of MCRC’s mandate is to run National Championships and to select athletes to represent Canada at International Canoe Federation (ICF) sanctioned World Cups, Marathon World Championships and World Games.

Christine Archer
Vice President
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Kim Snell, Admin (Finance,Members)
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Email: info@omckra.com       Facebook: Ontario Marathon Paddling 

Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Racing Association


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Email: info@omckra.com       Facebook: Ontario Marathon Paddling 

Paula Loranger
Race Secretary
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Our Executive

About Us

Darryl Bohm
Past President
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Oliver James McMillan
Member at Large
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Mission and Mandate

Mission Statement

​To develop, promote and represent distance paddling as a racing sport in Ontario.

  • ​Introducing people to marathon paddling by offering sport specific training programs,

  • Standardizing specifications of crafts in the various classes for all races,

  • Advertising and promoting events sanctioned by OMCRA and assisting organizers in improving their events,

  • Encouraging and promoting safety in paddling particularly as related to distance racing, and

  • Encouraging Ontario residents of all ages to become involved in marathon paddling competitions.

Stacey Ferris
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Don Stoneman
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Boat specifications 

OMCKRA canoe specification rules for the C1 and C2 classes are consistent with those set by both Canoe Kayak Canada and the US Canoe Association (USCA). Stock and recreational canoe specifications are specific to Ontario and may differ in other jurisdictions.

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