Two 700 metre portages  for classes other than Masters paddlers aged 60 and over who do NOT portage.


Register in advance at:  Registration in English and French. Advance registration is helpful in determining the number of meals required for the banquet on  Sunday night.

Race Course: Races are held on an 18 km course on Ramsey Lake in the heart of Sudbury. (Shorter courses may be raced by youth paddlers) There are two 700-metre portages on the 18 km race course. Paddlers in Masters categories ages 60 and 0ver will NOT portage. 

"AGE AVERAGING WILL BE ALLOWED FOR ALL MASTERS CATEGORIES. SENIOR CATEGORY PADDLERS CANNOT BE AGE AVERAGED INTO A MASTERS CATEGORY. No youth participants may move down in age categories. Youth may be allowed to compete in the adult category and will be recognized as Senior. 


Beautiful lake water. This event is hosted by the Sudbury Canoe Club.

Who is eligible to enter?    Nationals are an open event. There is no limit on the number of paddlers from a province who can take part. Competitors must be “Racing Members” of a Marathon Canoe Racing Council member marathon organization in their home province;  Canoe Kayak BC, Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan, The Manitoba Paddling Association, OMCKRA, and Nova Scotia Paddling Association.  Paddlers without organizations in their province may be join another provincial organization or apply to the Marathon Canoe Racing Council for an exemption.  Contact

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August 5, 6 & 7  2017 


Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Racing Association


Hostel at Laurentian University.  Dorm style accommodations are $40+HST/person/night, whether it is single or double occupancy. For apartment style accommodation the cost is $50+HST/person/night. There may be a limited number of rooms available.  Contact to get a document to fill out to apply for accommodations.  A list of campgrounds can be found online.


Northern Water Sports Centre,  - 206 Ramsey Lake Road Sudbury. This is a francophone community in Ontario's Near North. 

Race headquarters, start and finish lines are the Northern Ontario Watersports Centre, 206 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, ON P3E 5J1    (705) 822-2399   


Contact:  Rob Marcolini   •    Don Stoneman     •  519-651-7054. Aaron Hutchings  *

Length & Classes

Canoe Classes, Taken from Rules of Competition, Marathon Canoe Racing Council   Article 3 - Canoes
(A) Classes
   C-1       Bantam - Juvenile - Junior - Senior Men
               Masters Men I, II, III
               Bantam - Juvenile - Junior - Senior Women
               Master Women I, II
  C-2        As above, plus:
               Bantam - Juvenile - Junior - Senior Mixed
               Masters I, II, III, Mixed

Definitions for  Marathon C1. The canoe shall be a maximum of 5639 mm in length and no less than 14.735 % at a midships at a 101.6 (4") waterline (equivalent to 18'6" wide at the 4" waterline.)

Marathon C2. The canoe shall be a maximum of 5639 mm in length  (18'6") and no less than 686 mm in width at the 78.2 mm waterline (equivalent to 18'6" in length and 27 inches wide at the 3" waterline.  Stock C2 (OMCKRA specifications)  Length maximum of 18'6". width a minimum of 14.4 per cent of length at the four (4) inch waterline. (i.e. 32 inches for 18'6" length, 29.4 inches for 17' length.  Depth: minimum at bow, 17 inches, centre, 12.5 inches, stern, 16 inches.

For purposes of this event, North Canoe “Mixed” means a minimum of two females per canoe. As per Rules of Competition, "if a North or a similar craft is used it is the responsibility of the organizers to see that the competition uses equal boats." 

​Schedule of Events

Saturday, August 5, 2017
8:00 am - Late Registration               
8:00-11 am - Boat Measuring
Race Briefing: 11:30 am
Afternoon: (12:00 pm)  ICF  K-1 and C-1  for Men and Women  - USCA C1, Men and  Women 
Evening:  ( 6:00 pm )  North Canoe -  Mixed

Sunday, August 6, 2017
8:00 am - Late Registration  and Boat Measuring
8:30 am - Race Briefing
Morning:  (9:00 am) Marathon C-2  Mixed  
Afternoon: (12:00 pm) Stock C2 for Men and Women 
Afternoon: (3:00 pm)  ICF Kayak K-2 and ICF C-2 for Men and Women - All Classes
Evening: (6:00 pm)  North Canoe - Mixed -  Pursuits
7:30 pm Awards Ceremony & Banquet  -  At Northern Ontario Water Sports Centre

Monday, August 7, 2017 
8:00 am - Late Registration and Boat Measuring         
8:30 am - Race Briefing
Morning: 9:00 am - Marathon C-2  for Men and Women    
Afternoon: 12:00 pm - Stock C-2 Mixed 

B)            Age Category Definitions
Bantam - under 14 years January 1, the year of competition 
Juvenile - under 17 years January 1, the year of competition
Junior - under 20 years January 1 the year of competition
Senior - over 19 years January 1, the year of competition
Master Men I - over 40 years January 1, the year of competition
Master Men II - over 50 years January 1, the year of competition
Master Men Ill - over 60 years January 1, the year of competition
Master Women I - over 30 years January 1, the year of competition
Master Women II - over 40 years January 1, the year of competition