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Club agreement form

Interested in forming a Marathon club?  

Please email info@omckra.com to if you are interested in forming a club.  Marathon club boards are covered for liability and club participants are covered for sports accident in sanctioned activities. 

Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Racing Association



Interested in organizing a Marathon race event?  

OMCKRA can help with advice and insurance coverage. One of our mandates is to encourage safety on the water so you will need to agree to the statements at the end of the form. You will also need to fill in the membership form. The forms are forwarded to the OMCKRA sanctioning committee for review.   Fill all items with a red asterisk, including the agreement check box, for the form to complete.



Welcome member!  

Fill all items with a red asterisk for the form to complete.  For example: the waiver check box at the end of this form is required. That waiver is for the insurance coverage for members participating in OMCKRA sanctioned events.

The form is automatically sent to a membership volunteer.  Your membership will be confirmed when your payment has been made.  

Payment may be made by e.transfer to membership@omckra.com or omckra@gmail.com or by cheque to: Membership OMCKRA

87 Queen Street East, Cambridge ON N3C 2A9