Saturday, June 03, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Racing Association


Cost is $25/adult, $10/student paddler. Registration at race start location before race.

Registration begins at 9 am. Race starts at 10 am.




Saugeen Paddlers Canoe Club

Annual Voyageur Canoe Race Weekend

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Contact:   Ed Maxwell 519-353-3194


440 Inkerman Street, Paisley, ON, Canada


The Saugeen Paddlers Canoe Club Annual Voyageur Canoe Race Weekend

North Canoe Races and Pioneer Games (Sat);The Explore the Bruce Adventure Paddle(Sun).

North Canoes are 26 feet long birch bark canoes crewed with either 6 or 8 paddlers. These canoes traditionally used by the North West Company transported furs from the interior to rendezvous points such as Fort William. At Rendezvous, their cargoes of fur were transferred to Montreal Canoes 34 feet long, for shipment east. The North Canoes in turn, would take the goods from the east back to the interior for trade. Land Games: This event is a timed event where teams participate in games of skill (some tra-ditional, some with a little more modern influence). North Canoe Races and Pioneer Games: Each Canoe Race has 2 components, a traditional canoe race and a bobber race. A Bobber race is when canoes race to pickup a number of colored bobbers in the water. The trick is, the colored part of the bobber is submerged and not imme-diately visible. While good canoe skills and teamwork are important, luck plays a large role. (Teams of 6-8)


Length & Classes

Corporate Class - This is a short downstream sprint of a 100 - 150 meters with no turns. Student Race - This race is open to primary & secondary students. This race course would be about a 10 to 15 minute paddle. Starting upstream and looping around 2 turns before returning to the start / finish line.

Voyageur Class - This race is similar to the Student event and is open to anyone.