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Events and News

Some upcoming events to keep track of.  Contact us to add your event.

Event listings

Check out upcoming events of meetings and training workshops for paddlers and coaches.  

Paddler Training April 28

Ottawa Marathon Paddling Clinic and Canoe Demonstration
Training for Marathon, Adventure Race, Recreational Canoe, Kayak, Surfski Paddlers

Link to sign up for this event is:

Meeting of Members May 9, 7pm

A meeting of members is scheduled for May 9 at 7pm to ratify the updated Articles and By-laws. These documents are updated to comply with the new ONCA guidelines for not-for-profit corporations which came into effect this year.  Members should review and send any questions or comments to before April 30.   All members have been provided with the link to the zoom meeting. 

New By-laws document may be downloaded here.

The Sport Law group worked with the OMCKRA board resulting in the following changes / recommendations  incorporated into the new By-laws:

  • "Purpose of corporation" will be removed from By-laws and maintained in the incorporation papers.

  • Policy documents will be removed from By-laws and maintained separately.

  • The existing member definition will be maintained adding a note that they be ‘registered.. under a ‘Racing Member” fee structure. 

  • As existing, members cannot vote until they are at least 18 years of age (at the time of the meeting).

  • The fiscal year will be stated as April 1 to March 31 rather than “like CKO”.

  • The membership will elect all 7 directors, none will be appointed.

  • Members will elect 3 Directors per year, for 2 year terms with board roles rotating each year.

  • As existing, Directors will choose roles (usually in first board meeting).

  • Three ‘Officers’ will be listed in the By-laws; Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

  • The Past President Role will be removed.

  • Other Director roles listed in the policy area may include Vice President and Race Secretary.

Coach Training

Sign up for coach training.  When we have 6 signed up we will set up this two day training session.  Email  A deposit of $100 is required.

Round Robin 

Planning has started for a Round Robin Marathon event in Port Credit.  Email for information. 

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