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OMCKRA Coach Development


The Goal of OMCKRA's Coach Development Programme (CDP) is to build the strength of marathon coaching in Ontario.


Coach 'Locker' and materials. Training, supporting, and increasing the number of our NCCP-certified Marathon Coach, Facilitators, and Evaluators.

Short-term objectives under the ABC tactics are:


  • Train coaches

  • Certify trained coaches 

  • Coaches using locker

  • Coaches 1st aid, CPR 

  • Coaches Professional Development (PD)

  • Safe Sport certification for all active coaches

Building Blocks

  • provide buoys, technical CD's

  • update the manual and provide to coaches

  • provide training 

Looking for a Coach in Your Area?

Send an email with your hometown to


Looking to Become NCCP-certified?

OMCKRA is here to support marathon canoe and kayak racing coach development in Ontario.

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