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OMCKRA's Paddler Development Programme


The Goal of OMCKRA's Paddler Development Programme (PDP) is to increase the number and strength of marathon paddlers in Ontario.


Skills assessment and development. Developing measurements of success. Increasing proficiency for all ages and abilities.

Short-term objectives under the ABC tactics are:


  • working towards an accreditation process

  • adopt MCRC checklist measuring paddler proficiency

  • assign athletes to a proficiency level and to a provincial team

  • reward paddlers using points system

Building Blocks

  • provide paddling clinics to paddlers

  • update the manual and provide to paddlers

  • provide guides for training on web, newsletter

  • merchandise for purchase


  • update paddlers on events through newsletter, webpage, Facebook, email and annual meeting

  • invite paddlers to share stories in newsletter and social media

  • 'social' events for members

  • invite members input

Looking for a Coach in Your Area?

Send an email with your hometown to


For other group paddles, consider joining one of our Marathon Paddle clubs:


Looking for Ways to Improve Your Paddling?

OMCKRA is here to support marathon canoe and kayak racers across Ontario.

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