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Marathon Canoe Kayak Race Development in Ontario

Canoe in the water after a win

The goal of OMCKRA's Race Development Program (RDP) is to increase the number and quality of Marathon races and race organizers in Ontario.


Marathon races are central to what we do.  Our race support committee works to support race organizers to succeed and have safe and successful races. We help with documentation, insurance, advice, and training. We provide information on:

  • the marathon safety and boat specification policies and why they matter in long-distance races

  • the insurance policy in place and the requirements of that policy

Short-term objectives under the ABC tactics are:


  • review & approve Ontario races as sanctioned/recognized

  • review& approve the Ontario Qualifier race for Marathon Worlds

Building Blocks

  • sample Emergency Action Plans

  • safety and boat specification policies and insurance forms

  • feedback on requests for sanctioning and post-race assessment

  • training on standard boat class nomenclature, insurance, emergency action plans


  • Web, newsletter and social media promoting races

  • meetings with organizers

  • reports of meetings

  • Race Organizers sharing experience

  • joint race points series

Tell Us About Your Race


Looking for More Information?

OMCKRA offers many resources.

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