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Safe Sport Policy

As a member of Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC), Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Racing Association (OMCKRA) strives to keep all our members and participants safe. As such, we follow Safe Sport, which provides education, and a process for reporting and resolving misconduct of any kind. For more information, please contact us to find a Safe Sport representative, or visit CKC Safe Sport page to learn more about the Safe Sport policies, reporting options, and dispute resolution. 

Concussion Safety

OMCKRA follows CKC concussion protocols and Rowan’s Law Guidelines to ensure concussion safety and promote concussion awareness and best practices that will help you prevent, identify, and manage concussions.

OMCKRA Policy and Insurance information

OMCKRA policies. Information on insurance, sanctioned activities, equipment and race subsidy policies.

Insurance Overview
Subsidy Expense Form

Forms For Race Organizers, Training, and Clinic Organizers

You must be an OMCKRA member to run these events.  Click here and join OMCKRA before proceeding.


Fill in and send these forms to  Make sure to provide a good description of your event that is suitable for the website, newsletter, and other social media promotional materials. We need to understand and be able to communicate it to our members. The sanctioning request form is your agreement to follow OMCKRA policies for safety and fairness, as well as Insurance and Ministry requirements and is the primary document for sanctioning approval. Read the agreement carefully to understand the policies and requirements you are agreeing to follow to ensure the insurance is in effect.

The sanctioning committee may also ask you to provide these forms below.  Per OMCKRA policy you must implement an Emergency Action Plan.  Below is a template. Especially for newer events the committee may wish to review your EAP to ensure you are providing sufficient detail for it to be effective. The Safety Strategy Plan is a tool to help race organizers plan and later review and improve the safety of their event.

The forms below may be useful to you.  Use them only after your event has received approval from the sanctioning committee.

You must report to us after your event.  These reports are for our Ministry funders and insurance providers and there are some simple but specific information that is required.  These forms below help us and you gather the necessary information.

required for all events.

If, during or in relation to your event, some incident occurs, especially if medical intervention is called upon, you must fill in and provide us with an incident report.  Use this form.  It is the form the insurance provider expects.

Organizers, send in your completed Sanctioning Request Form and EAP for your event early each year. The form is your agreement to become a member of OMCKRA, to follow the safety policy (which includes having all participants sign a waiver), to submit fees, counts and information on ALL participants for Ministry reporting and insurance purposes within a few weeks of your event. The Sanctioning Committee reviews your application for sanctioning and will contact you if they have questions or concerns before letting you know if your event is approved.  A certificate of insurance will only be provided for events that have already been approved, so wait to hear from the committee before submitting one. Use the Race Report and Race Participant information and Results forms to report after your event.  Incident reports if submitted are kept for our records and provided to the insurance provider.  


Send reports to

Send payments by e-transfer to


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