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Sanctioning of an event by OMCKRA means that the event is formally recognized and acknowledged by OMCKRA and are therefore covered under the OMCKRA insurance policy through Canoe Kayak Ontario.  The activities to be included in the event for sanctioning purposes are exclusively those described within the terms of OMCKRA (Canoe-Kayak Ontario) insurance policy.  Clubs do benefit by coverage for Errors and Omiissions. See insurance box for more information.

The requests are reviewed by the OMCKRA sanctioning committee.
Each participant in races, events or club activities must fill out a waiver form. Clubs may chose to have members fill out one waiver form for the year.

OMCKRA is obligated to report on participation and to reimburse the parent organization and insurance company so organizers must remitted an insurance fee for each non-OMCKRA participant using the events reporting form

documents available are:

Membership/Race Organizer Application

Race/Event Sanctioning Agreement

‚ÄčRace Organizers Guide
Club Sanctioning Agreement
Event reporting form
Sample waiver (modify for your event)
Safety Policy

List of approved sanctioned activities

Basic Emergency Action Plan
Incident reporting form

Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Racing Association


Canoes are an integral part of Canada's history and development.Nothing exemplifies that history more than the Voyageur Canoes that carried trade goods into the back country. OMCKRA owns a North Canoe and last year certified five coaches under Paddle Canada's Big Canoe Leader program. Enthusiasm is ramping up for North Canoe paddling. A race is planned for the Great Muskoka Padding Experience event on Thanksgiving weekend. Contact us if you want to experience North Canoe paddling this summer. The team work involved is likely nothing you have seen before. Contact us at



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Many race or event organizers will never request an insurance certificate.  A certificate is issued when a group such as a municipality or property owner on whose property some part of the race or event is taking place asks the organizer to show proof they have insurance.

If your race has been asked to provide this you must fill out a request for insurance certificate form and email it to Pearson Dunn.  As OMCKRA and CKO representatives have to confirm that your race or event has been approved for sanctioning by OMCKRA you have to copy the following on the email. 

Kim Snell for OMCKRA insurance prime and follow the instructions on the form for CKO chair. 

The policy is renewed each year on April 1 so unless you require the certificate asap you should probably wait until the new policy is in effect.

If you do need a certificate of insurance prior to April 1 ask Pearson Dunn to add:

"a note on the certificate that another certificate will be issued for the next policy term once the renewal terms have been bound"

One time or yearly event? 

Please use the Race/Event Sanctioning Agreement. (word doc - check your downloads folder) or use our online form

Club with a number of events per year? 

Please use the Club Sanctioning Agreement and fill out a membership form as well providing a list of club members

or use our online form

Welcome to Marathon Paddling!

Marathon paddling is a low impact, high aerobic sport. It is a great way to develop upper body and core strength. The sport also has a significant technical component that is sure to test  your canoeing  technique, river knowledge and navigation skills. Over time racers develop the ability to read different water conditions to both avoid obstacles and seeking out the fastest water. Paddlers that take the time to develop both fitness and technical skills not only enjoy hour spent on the water but are also rewarded with a strong sense of accomplishment.

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In marathon paddling knowledge is as important as muscle strength and this make this a sport where all ages and sexes can excel. Many races have divisions to accommodate these different groups.
Marathon paddling is an exceptional way to develop both strength and aerobic capacity with the added benefit of being safe and relatively low impact.